Second Atlas of Belgium

Paper version 1976 – 1999

You will find here the PDF versions of maps and comments. Maps marked with a # are also integrated into the WMTS ‘Second Atlas of Belgium’ and can be displayed in GeoclipAir application.

Table of contents

Titles Plates Notes

Examples of maps

Examples of maps before 1878 I.3.1 Notes
Examples of maps between 1878 and 1947 I.3.2 Notes
Examples of maps after 1947 I.3.3 Notes

Relief, soil and subsoil

Relief of Belgium I.1 bis Notes
Oro-hydrography II.1# Notes
Quaternary geology, lithology of the surface deposits II.3.1 #

II.3.2 #

II.3.3 #

II.3.4 #



Climate III.1 # Notes


Coast and North Sea IV.4 Notes
Maritime Scheldt IV.5 Notes

Demography and population

Population density by commune VI.1 Notes
Population density by statistical sector VI.2 Notes
Population evolution VI.3 Notes
Natural changes in population VI.6 Notes
Foreigners VI.7 Notes
Residential migrations 1982-1989 VI.9 Notes


Working population by workplace commune VIII.2 Notes
Socio-economic aspects: unemployment VIII.3.1 Notes
Socio-economic aspects: incomes and added values VIII.3.2 Notes
Crime VIII.3.3 Notes
Agriculture: farms and workforce VIII.4 Notes
Food and agricultural industries VIII.6 Notes
Agriculture – Cultivation and livestock VIII.8 Notes
Soil suitability VIII.10 # Notes
Value of agricultural production VIII.11 Notes
Industrial zones and estates VIII.16 Notes
Active population in the tertiary sector VIII.17 Notes
Retail commercial centres VIII.18 Notes
Tourism VIII.20 Notes

Regional geography

Satellite image of Belgium IX.1 Notes
Land cover IX.2 # Notes

Administrative divisions

Administrative divisions X.1 Notes